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Chain Of Command   

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Group Commander                         Deputy Commander                        Commander Chief

C/Capt Jones                                                C/2nd Lt Pazo                                           C/MSgt Hodges












Operations Squadron                      Director of Operations                    Armed Drill Team

Commander                                          C/2nd Lt Pham                                       Commander

C/1st Lt Bell                                                                                                                     C/1st Lt Bell












    Color Guard            Model Rocketry             Physical Training                    Saber Team

    Commander              Commander                   Commander                          Commander

C/ TSgt Triggs                C/ SSgt Rodriguez                      C/ SSgt Hoey                                        TBA












                    Logistics Squadron                       Civil Engineering                  Financial Management

                 Commander                                  Commander                              Commander

                     C/2nd Lt Sellers                                           C/SrA Chauvin                                       C/SrA Pham











Support Squadron                       Communication Flight                          Information Flight

Commander                                    Commander                                       Commander

C/2nd Lt Mancilla                                               TBA                                                            C/SSgt Wood











Computer Systems                          Personnel Flight                                   Public Affairs

Commander                                   Commander                                        Commander

 TBA                                                      C/SSgt Mancilla                                                                        TBA











            Recruiting Commander                  Security Commander                        Services Commander

                 C/SSgt Grayson                                              C/A1C Nunez                                                  C/A1C Wilson









Special Events Commander

C/TSgt Stewart